Speechnotes–Speech Recognition notepad on a web browser

10/12/2015 , 0 Comments


Speechnotes.co is a fantastic speech enabled online notepad that runs on your browser.  It works out of the box. No installation is required. This typically allows you to dictate your thoughts that then converted to text that can easily copy pasted to desired location. Some of you are slow typing  which consumes lot of time. This site id very helpful for those who have difficulty in typing as result of physical conditions or simply not mastering the keyboard layouts.

This entire article was dictated via voice to generate the text.  This website is free alternative to Dragon Naturally speaking software.

Key features:

1. Free
2. No Login or registration required.
3. No installation of active X plugins or software required.
4. No download required.
5. Speech notes can be exported to Google Drive.