SimpleWMIView–WMI Viewer for Windows

9/18/2015 0 Comments


SimpleWMIView is a simple tool for Windows that displays the result of WMI queries in a simple table, and allows you to easily export the data to text/csv/tab-delimited/html/xml file, or to copy the selected items to the clipboard and then paste them to Excel or other spread sheet application.

Examples for what you can get with WMI
  • Win32_Service - Lists all Windows services.
  • Win32_StartupCommand - Lists programs that run on Windows startup.
  • Win32_SystemAccount - Lists all system accounts.
  • Win32_UserAccount - Lists all user accounts.
  • Win32_SystemDriver - Lists all drivers installed on your system.
  • Win32_USBHub - Lists all USB hubs.
  • Win32_NetworkAdapter - Lists all network adapters.
  • Win32_Battery - Shows battery information

Download SimpleWMIView