Top 12 Powershell Script for IT Systems Administrator

12/29/2014 , , 0 Comments

The following are the top 12 powershell scripts for any IT Systems Administor to use:
1. PowerShell Script to check IP address Blacklist: (Updated)
2. Powershell Script to find CPU type:

3. PowerShell Script to check status of website:

4. Powershell Script to find files less than 24 hours old in a folder:

5. PowerShell Script to get Sytem Uptime:

6. Powershell script get External IP address:

7. Powershell script To Find the username & time of the last Logged on user:

8. Powershell Script to get ActiveDirectory Empty Groups (with no members)

9. Powershell Script to remove whiltelines in files:

10. Powershell Script to list all files older than 1 day:

11. Powershell Script to list find the largest files:

12. Powershell Script that filters event logs for last system reboot & shutdown: