How to flash Nexus 4 with Lollypop factory Image

11/14/2014 0 Comments

I am quite thrilled to write this how to article as I have successfully flashed my Nexus 4 device to Android 5 (LollyPop) successfully.

Here are the steps to flash the Android factory Image:

Download the SDK and image

Download the factory image for Nexus device:

Extract all the contents of the occam-lrx21t-factory-51cee750.tgz into a folder. 

Flash the Image files; 

You need to be i n fastboot (power off the device. Press the Volume Down + Volume Up & Power button)

On you windows machine, copy the contents from the factory images in to (C:\Users\XXXXXAppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools) which where Android SDK kit was installed. The contents of the folder should look like; 

On the Command Prompt type "Flash-all.bat" should take care of the flashing. Have a cup of coffee and come back in 20 minutes. Your Nexus 4 should have lollypop treat for you. 

Then just wait a long time for the flash to happen, the device to reboot, and for your new version of Android to boot. The first boot can take a very long time, so be patient.