Vmware vSphere Home Lab successfully implemented!

3/01/2014 , , 0 Comments

It has been long time desire for me to set-up a virtual environment with VmWare hyper-visor  During the last couple of day I found a a very good video tutorial which walked me through to everything from downloading the Vmware Esxi 5.5, vCenter appliance to the end.  Hopefully I learn something out of it. 

At the same find, I was lucky enough to find out that my current machine (its a decent desktop custom build) which happens to work out of the box with esxi. Currently I have two desktop (yes, brought a old dual core machine from dead), one running esxi and there other to serve it. 

I am really excited to see everything working out smoothly. Currently its running evaluation license key expires in 60 days.

Here is snapshot :)...

Small note: Thanks to my wife for helping out with this weekend project!