How to keep Openelec version updated to the latest version for Raspberry Pi

5/12/2013 0 Comments

When every OpenElec updates their distribution its always challenge to keep the OpenElec version of XBMC to the latest version. In the past, I used to format my SD card which had the Openelec 2 version and get the latest image from openelec site install the newer version. 

The problem with this that, I have to spend about 2 hours every time I do this to setup my XBMC native skin, setup my favorites links, install the xbmc plugins and configure XBMC for my network. This was annoying and lot of the time, I hesitate to update the version unless there is a major release.

However, I read an article on the OpenElec wiki that there is a easy and quick way to upgrade the OpenElec version. By doing this, it upgrades the core XBMC version and keeps all the user settings unaffected. Here is how you upgrade without loosing your settings on XBMC.

Note: I have done this  several time on my OpenElec version which running on Rasperry Pi. I assume that it should be same if you are using Apple TV, Roku etc. 

Step to upgrade:
1. Go to the website Pi Chimney Resource to download the latest version of OpenElec. Look at the last modified date file and choose the latest one preferablly the one with .tar.bz2 extension (this file can be opened on 7zip or WinRar).

2. Download the above file and extract to any location on your hard drive.

3. From your PC, open the Explorer Window and browse to the Rasperry Pi's IP address. eg \\ From the folder you extracted the new release into, open the target folder (\\\updates). Inside you should see 4 files (KERNEL,KERNEL.md5SYSTEM and SYSTEM.md5 ). Drop them to the \\\update.

4. Reboot your RasperryPi. The Pi should reboot and it will apply the new release to the OpenElec. 

Alternative source to Updating OpenELEC can be found here.