XBMC - How to create favorite channel list from SastaTV plugin

9/30/2012 0 Comments

If you like me just started to use XBMC, you don't have to say how awesome it is. If you are installed video plugin like SASTA TV, TED Talk, Nasa TV etc. You may have nested clicking to get a favorite channel.

For example in SASTA TV,  lets says you follow Sun TV programs on Yupptv Video On Demand. But to get SunTV VOD, you have click 5 times to get there. 

Click 1

Click 2

Click 3

Click 4

Click 5

Click 6 

After you have followed the above steps, you have successfully created favorite shortcut for SUN TV VOD.

Click on the Favorite shortcut as shown below; 
Click on the Favorite Icon
As you can see Sun TV shortcut shows right on the main screen. 

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If you click on the Sun TV link, it will take you directly to the episode list as shown below

Please note this applies to any video add-on that is out there for XBMC.