How to install OpenELEC / XBMC on the Raspberry Pi on Windows

9/25/2012 0 Comments

Most you know I am huge fan of Raspberry Pi. I am really existed to say that Raspberry Pi and XBMC combination has fulfilled my need to online entertainment.

Things you need:
1. Raspberry Pi -  To order go to ELEMENT14 website. All the listed items can be purchased from here.
2. 4GB SD card - Please check compatible list on
3. Power Adapter
4. Mini USB Cable
5. HDMI cable 
6. Decent LCD TV 
7. Lot of patients and heart to appreciate open source community.

What you going to achieve:
After following the steps you have successfully setup a cheap media center. 
This allows you to watch all those home videos stored on your HDD. 

You will need the following:

1. A copy of SDFormatter to format your SD card. This can be downloaded from

2. Win32diskimager to transfer the IMG file to SD card. This can be downloaded from

3. An Image of OpenElec from, always download the latest one (

How to install OpenELEC

1. First thing to do is to format the memory card, run the SDformatter mentioned above  and run the install/setup. This will format your SD card. 
2. Open Win32 Disk Imager and click the browse button then select the OpenELEC img file you downloaded earlier on step number 3 above.
3. Click on Write and wait for 10 to 15 minutes, your SD card should be ready with OpenELEC.
4. Take the SD out and plug in to the Raspberry Pi. 
5. Power on the Raspberry Pi and enjoy XBMC.