Easy way to see your saved passwords hidden under asterisks without any tools

9/30/2012 0 Comments

All web browser for security reason, mask the password fields in login forms behind asterisk (dot) character. This stops people from shoulder watching. 

However this leads to problem where someone might have logged on to webpage so long may have forgotten the password.  Below are the steps easily shows the password if you are using modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer 8 above. 

To reveal the Hidden passwords in browsers follow the below setups. (My examples I am using Chrome 21 ver)

1.  Right click password field 

2.  Click on Inspect Element

3. This will open the document inspector window

4. All you have to do is to replace the word "password" with "text" as shown below

 5. This changed the type of the field from "password" to "text" and hence the password is revealed as the text input field are never masked.

So,next time someone borrows your computer for browsing or checking something make sure that no password field is saved.