Trinity Rescue Kit - Free advanced tools for Windows

8/18/2010 0 Comments

Trinity Rescue Kit is a bootable Linux based rescue kit for all version of windows. This allows users to backup windows partition, clone computer over network, deleted junk files, scan PC for virus, reset windows login password and more.

You can user this as a a bootable USB flash dirve, as a bootable CD or from network over PXE.

Some of the features Trinity Rescue Kit

  • Reset windows password
  • Recover deleted files from formatted drives
  • Clone partiions over network
  • Run as SSH server
  • Clean all unncessary files
  • Backup windows and other partions
  • Automated local machine backup
  • Full NTFS write support
  • Mount local file systems
  • Repair windows boot sector

Download Trinity Rescue Kit and have fun.