WebShot – Take full length screenshot of web pages

2/12/2010 , 0 Comments

imageWebshot allows you to take screenshot of web pages and save them as full size image. You may be asking what is the big deal about this. PrtScn key on your keyboard will do that job. Hmm, may be you are right.

Question for you, what if the website is long you may need to scroll down to get some more information. I hear you say Aahhh!!.  Then Prtscn wont do that job, you may need to take two screenshot and stick them together to make it on image. That would be pain, if you are going to take lot of screenshots.

Webshot is a freeware that you may need to download and after you install the interface is very simple and powerful option that are available.

All you have to do is type the website you want to capture the screenshot on the URL, and give the output folder where you want the image to be save, and click Start. Webshot automatically capture the site into one single image.

Webshot can be downloaded here.