Trick to watch full screen flash movie (YouTube, hulu, TVNZ) with Dual-monitors.

1/02/2010 , 0 Comments

People like me having more than one monitor on their computer would have experienced this.

You want to watch a flash movie lets say YouTube, TVNZ on demand movie on one monitor while trying to do something on the another monitor. But the moment you click on anything outside the movie, it goes back to the small view again. So annoying!!!

Someone has created a work-around that would enable to watch full screen flash movie and same time do something.  Have created alteration of the Flash plug-in that cures the problem.

Solution works on Windows only at the moment. You’ll grab copy of the npswf32.dll and overwrite the one in C:\windows\systems32\Macromed\Flash\.
So here is a version of flash plug-in that does not do that. It's version (latest at this time) with one byte changed.  You can download the flash plug-in which has been already ready to use. Just download and replace the existing one.
Note: Above file is not mine, this files is from the original post author can be found here.