TiVo 4 Tiny – download videos from your TiVo on Ubuntu

12/22/2009 , 0 Comments


TiVo4Tiny is a GNOME desktop application that allows you to download shows from your networked TiVo on your Linux pc. TiVo 4 Tiny includes integrated conversion, so you can take the shows with you on your iPod, BlackBerry etc.  Most of all TiVo 4 Tiny is FREE.

Here are the things you need to know and this guide will show you how to pull your recording off your TiVo.

1. Find your MAK ( Media Access Key) – > Press Tivo Button on remote –> goto Messages and Settings –> Account and system information –> Media Access Key. Note it down.

2. Next you need the IP address of your TiVo, which can also be found from the Message and settings –> network option.

Next download according to 32/64 TiVo4Tiny from here.


Once you install the .deb file on the your Ubuntu machine, you will have icon TiVo 4 Tiny


Click on the Tivo 4 Tiny


Enter your Media Access Key here, choose the file format you want to convert and the directory you want to save the converted file.


Once these basic setup is done, you should be able to convert .tivo files from Tivo to your Ubuntu machine.