Google Wave Preview -

10/31/2009 0 Comments

Here is sneak preview of those of you waiting for the invitation from the Google.


UI is divided into 4 section, each frame is organized to as such.

image As you can see there nothing much to explain, very self explanatory. 
Inbox – your Wave are stored.
ALL – similar to the all mail in Gmail.
By Me – Wave you created.
Request – your request in the wave
Spam  - hope this doesn’t happen.
Settings –> widgets
Trash – > place holder for deleted wave

image All you contacts are store here. Very interesting you can have blogs, tweet etc.

Message list  
image Wave blips are stored here. This is similar to the email received.

New Wave on the top –> to create new blips.

Save search – > this searches the existing blips.



1. Contact that are collaborating blips.
2. Tool bar –> playback, reply to blips, mute, etc..
3. Body of the blips.

Unfortunately  I cannot fully test Google Wave, as none of my friends I know have wave account. I have couple of invitation to giveaway. Let me know what you think of my blog by leaving comments.

Looking forward to write more detailed reviews of the Google Wave. I am so excited like a kid got new toy. Boooyaaaaa!!!!