Manage your Gmail Inbox with aliases

9/01/2009 0 Comments

Gmail has ability to handle aliases bit different than other email provider do.  Gmail also doesn’t have any option page where you can add, remove, change email alias. Yes, its enabled already, you may not have realized the existence of Gmail alias.
Here is the format that you need to follow to create your email alias

      your.username + any.alias

It is really quite simple just add [+] then your a word or abbreviation to your email address, that becomes your alias.

Still confusing is it ?

For example, lets say your email address is, if you want to add an alias to newsletter mail, just add “ns””, your newsletter email would look like this

Still not convinced, check out the Google help page  and you will be amazed.

There are no character limitation for the alias, but you don’t want to go too long as it will confusing sometime. Here are some examples I use.

jb = Job Application
ns = News letter
fc = Forum 
ce = competition entry

So be creative and create your own aliases and get your Gmail inbox organized.

Next comes the interesting that would make more sense why you should be adapting to use the aliases. Gmail allows you to setup filter and labels.

Here’s how to create filter and labels.

1. Login to Gmail
2. Click on the Settings Tab in the top right hand.
3. Click on Create a new filter.
4. Type your email address with your alias in the {TO:} field as shown
5. Click Next step
6. Check the boxes for the actions you would like, in my examples I have :
    a.  Selected to forward it to an email address 
    b.  Delete it
7. Click Create Filter. In the end filter should look something like this

It took me a while to get used know from where I get email. I sure, if you spend some times, this would help you to eliminate spam in signing up forums, competitions etc.

Get creative with Aliases, and feel free to post your comments on what you think. Let me know how use alias.