Utilize more than 4GB memory on Windows 7 RC/RTM

8/19/2009 0 Comments

Most of you won’t know that Windows 32-bit doesn’t support more than 4GB RAM. If you have higher end machine with more than 4GB RAM running 33 bit vista / Windows 7 RC/ RTM you will not able get full potential of 4GB. You have to move to windows 64 bit which supports more than 4GB ram.


Honestly speaking 64 bit doesn’t have device driver, for example my Microsoft web cam refuse to work on 64 bit windows 7.

For Windows 7 users you need a patch from a Russian group called Staforce. You can download memory limit patch at this link, but you need to register on this forum. I have downloaded and done the hard work for you. Here is the link you can download here. Just download the file and run the exe file which will patch kernel.

I have tested it at it work on window 7,


Thanks to the Raymond.cc blog for giving this wonderful tips.

Note: I don’t any responsibility or liability to the damage this could  cause.