How to submit your website to Google search engine

8/03/2009 , 0 Comments

You have build website which has been published on the internet. Now, you want to attract more traffic to the website. This article will help you quick visual understanding how to submit your website to Google search engine, so that Google can show your site when some one search with right keywords. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very wonderful topic I love the way the search engine work. I am not going to that far.

Note: To submit your site to Google and optimize the search results, you need to have a email address.
1. To submit website go to ( this is very basic one this will do the trick)
2. Go to Google Webmaster tools
3. Click on the Add a Site, and type your website name as shown below.

4. Google Webmaster tools, need to know that you are really this website owner, so it does by asking you to verify two methods.

1. Meta Tag
Google generates Meta Tag(code) for your website, you need to copy paste this Meta tag on to the HTML source code of your website.

    Here is HTML source which will look like this

2. HTML file.
This is by far the simply one. you have to upload a blank file to your webhost with the given provided by googleXXXXXXXXXXXX.html, on your root directory.


5. Once you have verified that you are indeed owner of the website, Verification will change to Verified.


Feel free to read the Google help section which gives you more detailed information.

Let me know how useful this stuff, if any error please post comments.

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