Extend the Windows 7 Trial from 30 to 120 Days

8/30/2009 , 0 Comments

I found this wonderful trick that will enable you to extend the 30 days trial up to maximum of 120 days. Is that amazing ? You can install Microsoft Windows without any license key, you’ll have 30 days to activate with a valid license key. 

Here are the setups you need
1. Start –> Type cmd on the search box, Click on the cmd click on Run as administrator to open command prompt. 
2. Type in this command : slmgr –rearm

After few second, you will see a dialog show up, say Command completed Successfully, at this point you need reboot.

After the computer restarted check the System Properties again shows that I now have 30 days left to activate windows 7.

Note: You want to do this near the end, last day before activation.