Blaze – Automate Desktop Experience - Freeware

8/29/2009 0 Comments

Blaze is an launches application and automates repetitive tasks. Blaze can be do from simple to complex task like launching application, making small calculations, sending emails, inserting recurrent excerpts of text or even renaming files.

For example, you wanted to rename your digital camera files from image1.jpg to trip1.jpg, then next file image2.jpg to trip2.jpg, by the time you rename next file, blaze will ask you how many files you wish to rename based on that numbering scheme and will rename them for you.

Here is a quick guide from Blaze website that shows variety of task that Blaze can automate and includes examples.

Check out Blaze in action, more screenshots and examples at Blaze: Automated Desktop Experience.

Blaze is freeware, I have tested it on Windows 7 its pretty cool.