Kerio MailServer - Alternative mail server to Microsoft Exchange

7/13/2009 , 0 Comments

Kerio MailServer 6 was wonderful experience for me while setting up of mail server. As you could see my I haven’t regularly blog, I have been up skill my knowledge to an corporate environment.

Kerio MailServer have Email collabration, Wirless mobile synchronization, Email security, Email archiving and backup and recovery options.  Kerio Mail Server is very good Microsoft Exchange alternative that I would recommend.

I managed to quickly ( in 10 minutes) setup a mail server. My test domain and was able to sent and receive email.

One thing to note here, I already have a test domain
1. Domain Name registered, (if you don’t have why not register here which is free)
2. Static IP provisioned
3. MX record already setup
4. open ports on router for mail server
5. Copy of Kerio Server 6 Trial.

Download the Kerio server here.

My host machine was windows 7, after installing this how it looked


Type in the domain name you want to use here
SMTP delivery
Here is where you create mailbox, resources (printer, room, projector, etc), Groups, Mailing list etc.


No need to fiddle with the Active Directory, IIS anything here. So simple to use. Best part is, you can have webmail interface as well.

When you type, you will be presented with this screen


I was so shocking that I could mange to do this in 10 minutes. I know you wouldn’t believe it either.

If you want to make quickly setup mail server for one of your friend and you don’t want hassle of manage with windows 2008/2003 servers, Kerio Mail server is a very good alternative which is so easy to setup and maintain.

Kerio MailServer supports windows, Mac, Linux. Also available preconfigured VMware and Parallels virtual Images which can be downloaded download section