Conficker eye chart – Your computer been infected ?

7/16/2009 , 0 Comments

Conficker eye chart is a ingenious method of identifying if you computer is injected by the Conficker worm. How to you find out ? Just visit the Conficker Eye Chart webpage will tell you if you injected or not.

On you browser if you see  6 images (Fsecure, Secureworks, TrendMicro,Fish, Penguine, BSD), then you are safe no Conficker injection.

But if any one of the images failing to load them you possibly injected.

image image image
This page was designed and developed by SecureWorks Joe Stewart, thanks for his work.

If you infected with Conficker, get one of nine tools to remove Conficker from your pc. Thanks to the Conficker Wroking group :

* Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
* Sophos
* Symantec Notes
* AhnLab
* Kaspersky
* F-Secure Malware Removal Tool
* McAfee
* TrendMicro