Ammyy Admin – Remote computer Access with both way Voice chat.

7/25/2009 , 0 Comments


Ammyy Admin is a free remote computer access software that easily, quick reliable connection with zero install, no signup accounts, no technical configuration or messing up with the port opening, IP address.

I have tried so many remote access and file sharing programs in the past, but Ammyy Admin is one has the distinction of being easy to use and less involvement  to setup before getting the connected.

548KB file size is quite small for an application with has packed with lot of features. Download the Ammyy Admin, open and gives you a client ID number. To connect as the helper, you simply type the client ID and choose a connection speed, and click connect.  While your friend clients Client to “Start”. 
Ammyy Admin will automatically find your friends computer to connect. You friends computer will get message

Full feature list can be found here.
Download the Ammyy Admin.

I would say this one is my favorite remote desktop software at the moment.