WatchDox – Control, track and protect your documents.

6/03/2009 0 Comments


WatchDox has launched his beta site and inviting web used to give it a show. Confidela is the company behind this interesting idea. 

WatchDox allows you to share a document securely with anyone, which quite a lot of other products allow. But WatchDox goes one step further by giving the control on your hand to specify permissions on them (Printing, coping / forwarding). Best part is you can track all the activities of your document and all the places your documents has sent. image
Files types supports doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf odt, ods, txt, rtf only.image

You can also send directly from Microsoft Outlook after downloading the Outlook Plug-in.

Very simple upload form, which works similar how you upload any attachment.

You can add as many email address you want to add, after type your personal note and hit sent.

You will see the above confirmation message. WatchDox has My Document has the very nice folder that shows how many views, when was the document viewed.
Another screenshot how it looks when you want to track the document. image
Give it a try, if you are some sending documents around and concern about the security.

When recipient receives the email, with the link, You would get this screen


Try Watchdox here.