Kon-Boot – Fantastic Bypass Linux/ Windows Local login

6/22/2009 , , 0 Comments


Kon-Boot is an fantastic piece of software which allows to change contents of the Linux Kernel and Windows kernel also on the fly when pc is booting. This is live cd which enables you to log into a Linux system  as “root” user without typing the root password.  Same for windows is that it allows you to login to the password protected profile without entering the right password. 

I have read about other type of software that will reset the password when some one forgot the root password for Linux / Windows password.

Kon-boot  changes the contents of the Windows kernel while booting, everything is done virtually ( I love virtual stuff) without modifying any physical system.
Tested windows versions are Windows server 2008, Windows Vista business SP0, Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 & Windows Vista ultimate SP0, Windows Sever 2003 enterprise, Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 and even Windows 7 RC.

Tested Linux Kernals: Gentoo 2.6.24, Ubuntu, Debina 2.6.18-6, Fedora

CD-ISO Image can be downloaded here, and burn the iso image to cd. If you don’t have CD Burning software, try the CdburnerXP check out the archive on blog.

This software bring concerns to the PC security. Better ways to protect your data by encrypting the entire hard drive.