Windows 7 Keyboard shortcuts you should know.

5/20/2009 0 Comments

Windows 7 has very nice keyboard shortcuts that I like. I always use keyboard shortcuts than mouse.
Here are the some of the one I found:

  • Windows key + Home = clears all except the active window on desktop
  • Shift + Click any taskbar item = Open a new instance of application you choose.
  • Windows key + (numpad +/-) = Zoom in(+) / Zoom out (-). This opens up Windows magnifier.
  • Windows Key + P = Adjust presentation settings for your display. No need to go through right click desktop etc…to change to presentation mode.
  • Windows Key + T  = Scroll on through the Taskbar.
  • Widows key + Left/Right Arrow = This docks the each active window to the side of the monitors. (Very sexy one)
  • Windows key + Down Arrow = Restore window if that’s maximized / Minimized window if maximised.
  • Windows key + Up Arrow =  Active window set to maximized.
  • Windows key + Space bar = You can see through to the desktop without minimize the active windows. Active windows becomes transparent. (very useful for me to write blog)

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