Ubuntu – useful system commands that could come in handy

5/03/2009 0 Comments

Here are the some of the useful Ubuntu command. This may help you if you are newbie for ubuntu.

apt-get update <package name> – update the package database.
apt-get autoremove <package name> – remove package with dependences.
apt-get –f install – to fix the broken package.
apt-get upgrade <package name> – to upgrade the existing package.
gksudo <command name> – Graphical application for sudo.
passwd – to change password.
sudo <command> to run any command as root user.
uname –r – to show the kernel version
uname –a – to show info about kernal, OS, architecture.
sudo shutdown –h now – to shutdown computer with command prompt.
mount – mount file system.
sudo reboot- to reboot.
Ctrl+Alt+F7 – switch back to X server
Ctrl+Alt+F<n>(function key 1 to 12) switch to tty <n>.
Ctrl+Alt+Backspace – Restart X-server (soft reset)