Recuva – File Recovery software its a freeware

5/25/2009 , 0 Comments

Recuva is a freeware that  works on any windows version that can restore files that have been accidently deleted from you PC. It also recovers file that are emptied on the recycle bin.
Recuva has a nice way of categories Pictures, Music, Documents, Video & other files, which makes easy for the user to narrow down what need to be downloaded.image
It does a wonderful job of recovering the files that you might have accidently deleted and then empty the folder, you would its already late to recover.
Once you selected the file you want to recover, click recover, then you need to choose which drive you want to recover the file.
Click Ok, File will be saved on the folder which you selected. Remember one thing, never recover C drive and save it on the C drive. It always recommended  to save to another drive.

I am sure, every one of us would have thought, Recovering a delete files is big task. Recuva is very good one you should try, not too complicated to use. I highly recommend Recuva one of my favorite and most of all its FREEWARE.

Recuva can be download here.