Remove Ubuntu Boot Loader GRUB on Vista dual boot machine

4/24/2009 0 Comments

Last night I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my desktop as a Vista / Ubuntu dual boot. Unfortunately, my Wireless UBS N adaptor doesn’t have any drivers yet for Linux.

I know its lame,  but I decided that I will install the Ubuntu WUBI rather than dual boot.

Now comes the tricky part,  I have to remove the Ubuntu GRUB and make Vista as native for now.

Here are the steps to follow to remove the GRUB.

1. Boot up your pc with Windows Vista Installation disc.
2. Select a language, currency, keyboard etc and then click Next.
3. Click Repair your computer.
4. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click next.( depending on your partition, it may show more partition)

5. In the System Recovery Option dialog box, Click Command prompt.


6. Now type Bootrec.exe /FixMbr and then press enter
7. Restart your computer.

These steps will get rid of the Ubuntu and you should be able to boot on windows Vista. Let me know if you find this was helpful.