Google Calculator – Built in calculator function on Google search

4/24/2009 0 Comments

Google Calculator don’t its not something you. Its the might your friend Google Search engine, which most people have very sentimental attachment with Google search. Google search has a built in feature not many people know about, Yes its a Calculator as well.  Google Calculator tried to understand the problem you are trying to solve without requiring to use any special syntax.

Operator Function Example
+ (addition) :- 13+44
- (subtraction):- 23-8
* (multiplication):- 17*10
/ (division):- 15/3
^ (exponentiation (raise to a power of)):- 6^2
% modulo (finds the remainder after division) 8%7
th root of calculates the nth root of a number 5th root of 32
% of X % of Y computes X percent of Y 20% of 150

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image image

How to use the Google Calculator here